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Officials accused of presenting false titles: But there are solutions!

In Colombia, officials have been investigated and called out for presenting false titles.

Fake diplomas are known to be used to improve job opportunities and salaries, but not much is said about the penalties for using fake documents. In Colombia, when an organization realizes that an individual is using false documents, they immediately lose their job and a judicial process for falsifying documents is initiated. Both the person who uses false documents and the person who creates them can be sentenced from 12 months to 5 years in prison.

False titles by officials: June-July 2020

On Friday, June 19, 2020, a case was disclosed in which a female official was expelled and barred from her job for 12 years in Cúcuta, Colombia. Andrea José Galvis Galvis presented a false diploma to position himself as the head of the prevention and promotion office of the state social enterprise (ESE) Imsalud de Cúcuta. Galvis Galvis had false titles as a specialist in health quality management and audit. In legal proceedings, the offense was classified as very serious, classifying such acts as a fraud.

On July 20, 2020, the technical director of projects of the Institute of urban development (IDU) resigned. Liliana Eugenia Mejía González, presented false information about her professional profile. To work as a director, she applied with the false title of architect. The newspaper EL TIEMPO was given the task of investigating the title of Mejía González. Entering Liliana’s identity number into the databases of the National Professional Council of Architecture and her Auxiliary Professions she did not appear in the database. Liliana, realizing that her fraud was discovered and that her case was transferred to the corresponding judicial and disciplinary authorities, decided to resign.

False titles by Representatives and Presidents?

Another official who is under investigation for forgery of his title is Congressman Julían Bedoya, who presented a diploma that certifies him as a lawyer from the University of Medellín. The prosecutor delegated to the Medellín Court, Néstor Raúl Posada, denounces that Julían’s title is completely false. Posada assures that the degree “was falsified” because Bedoya passed most of the subjects in record time, did all the exams, and reached an outstanding average.

Supposedly, the President of the University Néstor Hincapié Vargas is implicated in the false title after promising to promote his campaign for Rector of the University of Medellín.

Bedoya is under investigation, and Vargas is facing criminal proceedings for the crime of ideological falsehood.

Ideological Falsehood

According to Legis Ámbito Jurídico, “Documentary falsehood can be ideological, when genuine writing includes manifestations contrary to the truth, or material, which results from creating the false document, imitating an existing one or altering the content of an authentic one”.


With all the cases of counterfeiting that occur daily, it is important to recognize that conventional practices with security papers have become obsolete and insecure. It’s essential to protect the data with good support and excellent technological management.


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